Rhonda's Reality Check

Have you ever seen/heard something that made you wonder, "What were they thinking?" Well I do all the time. This is my blog dedicated to examining life's quirks and bizarre occurances. Some people have a "special" relationship with reality. Take a minute to talk about them. (Please omit names to protect the innocent)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

NBC's Book of Daniel

For the past few weeks people have been griping about NBC's new drama The Book of Daniel. It's about an Episcolpalian priest who takes pills, his wife drinks, daughter sells marijuana, he has a gay son and a promiscuous adopted Korean son. To top it all off, he speaks to Jesus from time to time. I guess most peoples' problem with the show is the negative light it sheds on the Christian faith, specifically Episcopalians. My repsonse to those people is... step into the real world. Not everyone is perfect, even priests. Might I remind you of the numerous Catholic priests being accused of sex abuse. Open your mind to people's different views and respect the concept as it is at face value. This is a show, not reality. Consider it a movie. We live in a society that values democracy, it is what makes us diverse.

REALITY CHECK: If you don't like it, TURN THE CHANNEL!!!